Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reality check

What makes genuine Christianity seem real to people without Christ? It is not in our blendedness into the culture but our distinctiveness while relating to our culture. True believers are not afraid to hang around with fact they ought to relish it. But when Christianity is lived out in the midst of culture, that distinctiveness which marks us as having been transformed by Christ is the one reality that holds high velocity impact. We come across not as aloof or arrogant, but as thinking differently, living for a different set of priorities, and operating by a vastly different world-view. Never should we dumb that down or apologize for our being called to a different life expression. Rather, that distinctiveness is what is real about Biblical Christianity. In the use of various methodologies and tools there must be a careful preservation of our distinctiveness. The reality fact...we are different! Praise God for the distinctiveness in another believer's life that awakened me to the reality of knowing Christ and through him being made right with God. Let's do a reality check on our distinctiveness.

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