Thursday, January 25, 2007


Stagnation is not a desirable nor a credible option in the Christian life. I am doing a personal study in the epistle of James for a series coming up in late spring. I have discovered that James' proposition is basically this: "if you are the real if you have Christ in your life, the proof lies in the motion of life." James teaches us that real life begets real motion. The proof of genuine life in Christ is not found in the statement of your belief, but in the "motion" of your life. Many claim to have the new birth experience but somewhere between the testimony and the translation something is not ringing true. Real life has all the signs of life presence. There is breathing, movement, communication, vitality, and SPARK! Real life being present does not equal perfection but it does exude life-signs. James states it incisively in 2:18: "If you say you have life and I have "works..." then I will show you my life by my works "[motion]. Motion does not cause life. Only true repentance and complete trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross can bring new life. But if genuine conversion has occured then motion follows. Question: Do you have the real life in Christ? Is there a motion that indicates a growing maturity and transformation in your thinking and life-style? If not, James is all a fake!

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