Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can you escape worry?

Worry really is saying "I don't trust God." It is "sheep that have become suspicious of the Shepherd." Jesus declares in Matthew 6 that you cannot serve [give all your energy to] God and money...or clothes, or food, or drink.... Serving must be an expression of trust. The one to whom you are devoting your time and effort is one that you can rely on implicitly. James M. Boice used to say that when we worry we have allowed ourselves to overlook the way God takes care of the rest of his creation. Jesus says take a look at the birds or the length of the hours of your life, or the wild flowers out in the fields. Who takes responsibility for all that transpires in creation? God. Does it make sense that if God created us and saved us that He will not care for us? James Boice also made the following observation: "The future is in God's hands and will be managed perfectly by God whether you worry about it or not." The next time you worry ask yourself...hey, what happened to trust? Just who am I serving? Think it through!

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