Friday, August 24, 2007

Getting near God???

It is easy to think of getting close to God like somehow getting close to a high tension wire...I get too close I might get electrocuted or worse! Getting near God can seem mystical or even a bit presumptious. Maybe it is just easier to let things be and keep my comfortable distance from God...not too far [that is scary too] and not too close. Yet is that a good solution?

Listen to what Asaph said in Ps. 73:28 " is good to be near God!" And James commands us to "draw near to God and He will draw near to you." [James 4:8] Hebrews 7:19 tells us the hope we have through Christ's death, resurrection, and present intercession for us enables us to draw near to God. ["(for the law made nothing perfect); but on the other hand, a better hope is introduced, through which we draw near to God."]

Perhaps the problem of getting close to God has to do with our "hunger pangs." It is amazing how close to the refrigerator or cupboard, or the fast food joint we get when we feel the rumbling in our bellies. And we are not just content to get close. I do not rub the walls of MacDonalds or caress my refrigerator. We must get connected with what is there by taking it in, and enjoying the effect of being fed & filled. Then we are able to go back to life's challenges refreshed and strengthened. Asaph had learned that God was his portion [Ps. 73:26]. Getting close to God has to do with recognizing what is "eating away at me." That is hunger pangs. No matter what may be "eating me up" or "causing my emptiness," getting close to God is the only solution. And then feeding on Him through His word and having our lives relieved through conversation with him in prayer.

Remember that God will not allow any human being to get close to Him apart from knowing and submitting to Christ. John 14:6 is very specific: " man comes to the Father except through me." But when you know Christ, you must recognize the hunger pangs...the symptoms of your "starvation" and draw near to God.

Getting any closer to God??? Starving and don't know it??? Think about it!

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